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Chronicle of the Board of Directors July 2019
Posted on Jul 23rd, 2019

Chronicle of the Board of Directors 
July 2019
At the last HOA meeting the Board of Directors approved a community end of summer barbecue in September. The Board is also hoping to have a community tag sale behind the Clubhouse in September as well, depending on community interest. VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED to help make these events successful and encourage similar events in the future. If you are interested in participating and/or helping out with either or both events please email HOA President Eric Gerard at
Interest has been expressed from a long-time resident in adding a Pickleball court to one of the current tennis courts. What is Pickleball you may ask? It’s a four-player game that’s kind of like tennis but on a smaller court using paddles and big wiffleballs and is growing in popularity. Click here if you want to learn more about it.  Pawling Recreation has added an indoor court in Lakeside Park open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9:30 a.m. to noon in July and you can reserve a court at $2 per town resident/$5 per non-resident by calling 845-855-1131. Courts are also available in Brewster at the Hardscrabble Club for $4 for members/$8 for non-members and at the Taconic Sport & Racket Club in Hopewell Junction, also for an undisclosed fee. As our tennis courts are in need of refurbishing, the Board is considering adding lines for Pickleball when the work is done if enough people show interest. If interested you can email resident Joyce Krieger at or the Board President.
PROBLEMS WITH MINI-BIKES AND ATVs: Management has received many complaints about kids and adults riding minibikes and ATVs on community roads, across common lawn areas and along the hiking trails. Residents are reminded that according to our Rules and Regulations, Rule #4 on Page One: “The use of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), snowmobiles, mopeds, go-peds and other motorized scooters is prohibited on The Properties.” Residents and their children who are observed using these vehicles will receive a one-time warning letter followed by a $50 fine for EACH reported violation. And although Kings Way is not a private road, these vehicles are also banned for use on streets in New York State by the Department of Motor Vehicles, which states: “You cannot operate these devices on sidewalks, public streets or highways in New York State.” Residents who observe violators using these vehicles in our community are encouraged to contact Spinnaker Management at 845-895-8122 or email details (time, location and resident name or address if known) to Property Manager Doris Steele at You can also contact the Dutchess County Sheriff at (845) 486-3800
PARKING RULES: PLEASE TRY TO BE CONSIDERATE Speaking of Rules and Regulations, The Board has received several complaints recently along Saratoga Street, Kings Way and Mohawk Trail of residents parking more than their allotted two cars per household for extended periods of time or parking inconsiderately in such a way that occupies more than one parking space. The Board recently explored addressing this second item by adding horizontal parking lines in the areas where to head-on parking spots are not available, however it was determined by the contractor that by drawing these lines in adherence to the minimum NYS guidelines we would actually REDUCE the number of parking spaces available in these areas, so the idea was abandoned.
Inconsiderate parking and people not cleaning up after their animals are consistently the top two issues that management receives complaints about. Both issues are hard to address and being considerate to your neighbors is the always the best and cost-efficient solution, as courtesy is free.
Rule #5 says, among other parking restrictions, “No more than two automobiles shall be parked upon Association maintained parking areas by any Home Owner, his guests and invitees for a period of more than 24 hours without the prior consent of the Association.” This rule is in place because of the limited number of parking spaces available. The Board recognizes that from time to time homeowners will exceed this limit as families grow and teens start driving and when multiple residents work. For now, we ask that residents please be considerate and aware that we live in a “community.” If you have more than two cars please park the additional vehicles in the Clubhouse parking lot or in designated visitors’ spots. (The Board is considering additional measures to mark these spots more clearly.) If you are having guests please ask them to follow these rules. If your guests have mobility issues, please discuss with your neighbors.
There is also no provision for assigned parking in our rules, which if enacted would also present administration and enforcement costs, such as registering vehicles, assigning yearly sticker permits, issuing tickets and collecting fines. As parking areas are considered and maintained as common areas, there is no such thing as “my spot(s),” although townhome residents are encouraged to comply with the two-car rule as detailed and be considerate of their neighbors, especially the elderly and those with small children.
Rule #4 does stipulate that all vehicles “must be registered, inspected and insured according to New York State law. In addition, all vehicles must be registered with the Homeowners association, including color, make, model, year and plate numbers. Non-compliant vehicles parked on Common areas for more than 72 hours are subject to fines” and “may be removed at the owner’s expense.” Currently the HOA does not collect this information, but if these problems persist that rule may have to be invoked.
Enforcement of these rules are difficult for management to address without hiring security, which previous Boards have determined to be cost-prohibitive in keeping our HOA dues relatively low as compared to other communities in the area. The Board is considering measures to create additional parking where possible, however these paving projects would add significantly to townhome common charges, something we endeavor to avoid.
Please be informed that a draft of this Chronicle has been forwarded to the Board for review and comment before circulating it to you. The Secretary will attest to its accuracy.
Eric Gerard – President * Joy Patchey – Vice President * Mario Mejorado – Treasurer
Carey Hollander – Secretary * Jimmy Waters – Building & Grounds
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